Memorial clock for DHL tea room

Enfield CC plan to mount a clock above the door of our tea room at the Clayton end of DHL. The clock will be in memory of our former player, Captain and Chairman, Geoff Dixon.

Geoff recently passed away after a short illness, but will forever be remembered as a Championship and Cup winning Captain, as well as long serving club official culminating in a lengthy stint as Chairman.

The clock will be funded by donations, and anybody wishing to do so can make a contribution by contacting the club or our Vice Chairman, Robin Bracewell.

badbeatbob x

Platinum 100 club numbers drawn

Thanks to a brilliant response from our members, supporters, players and neighbours we are happy to announce the first 100+ numbers have now been drawn.

You can check out your number by clicking the tab on our homepage entitled “Platinum 100 Club”

A reminder that our first draw will be after our next T20 home game this coming Friday against Clitheroe.


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Platinum 100 – number allocation night

Now that the first set of 100 numbers have been taken, its time for our Platinum 100 club members to receive their numbers. Number allocations will take place tonight (Sunday 11th of June) in the members bar.

Once allocated, the numbers will appear on the “Platinum 100” tab on the homepage of our website.

A reminder that our first draw will be taking place next week after the T20 home game v Clitheroe next Friday (16th June).

if you’ve missed out on one of the first 100 numbers, don’t worry as we are now open to more applications via the application form.

Good luck to all!

Geoff Dixon funeral details

Here are the details of Geoffs funeral arrangements-


The funeral will take place on Tuesday 6th of June at All Saints, Clayton-le-Moors from 10:30am. Then afterwards at Enfield CC.

Eileen has asked that only family attend the crematorium please.


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Jeff Stelling – 15 marathons in 15 days – Enfield CC

On Friday June 9th are expecting to be visited by none other than Jeff Stelling. Jeff and friends will be walking from St James’ Park to the other St James’ Park which is Newcastle to Exeter for the none footy geeks. As the title says 15 marathons in 15 days.

This is a charity event, and to be precise Sky Sports football pundit Jeff, and friends will be walking 400 miles in 15 days between 45 football clubs raising money for Prostate Cancer UK. It is a fairly high profile event and he will be joined by other sports personalities and members of the public along the way each day and they are hoping to raise £500k.

This is the event (we are Day 8 of 15 – Oldham to Accrington):

jeff and his charity heroes will be arriving at DHL around 5-6pm and will be stopping off for some well earned refreshments and a short rest. I’m sure they will welcome any contributions to this great cause whilst resting a DHL. Visit the link above to pledge your support.

We look forward to seeing you all at Dill Hall Lane.

badbeatbob x

Geoff Dixon, Captain, Chairman.

It’s with great sadness that today we announce that our former Captain and Chairman, Geoff Dixon has passed away.

Geoff represented Enfield as a player and later as Captain during what many consider to be the clubs glory years. During his career, spanning 23 years between 1958-1981, the Dill Hall Laners won the league 3 times and the Worsley Cup twice. Scoring almost 6000 runs, Geoff is considered a true legend at Enfield CC. Up until only rccently, the team Geoff led, still met regularly to celebrate the good times. Next time they will be one legend short.

Not satisfied with an illustrious playing career, after hanging up his boots. Geoff did what many of his generation did, he worked tirelessly as a volunteer at Dill Hall Lane as a committee member. Later he became Chairman were he oversaw what many other clubs rightly consider to be one of the best run cricket and social clubs in East Lancs.

Geoff’s silver hair helped him to be instantly recognisable around the club on match days, sadly his presence on match days will be no more.

Our deepest condolences go to Eileen and the rest of the Dixon family.



Enfield CC Platinum 100 Club registration form….

Platinum 100 kicks off in June and so far is proving a massive success, so much so that only around 25% of the initial launch of numbers remain and this after only 2 weeks of them being available.

if you’ve missed out so far, we’ve attached a registration form that you can fill in and return the to the address shown in time for the first draw in June.

Please give us your support!

100 Club Reg Form, SO


badbeatbob x

Intack Self Drive provide the Pro’s wheels again!

We are privileged to have sponsors of the calibre of Intack Self Drive, and yet again one of our main sponsors has come up with the goods. As always our friends at ISD are providing our Professional, DB Ravi-Teja, with a vehicle during his stay.

We can’t thank these guys enough and we apologise now if you see continuous plugs for these fellas throughout the season on our various social media platforms, but they deserve it!

If you need to hire a vehicle for any reason at any time, make sure you give INTACK SELF DRIVE a call and let them give you a quote.




Enfield platinum 100 club

We revealed earlier this week that we will be introducing a new prize draw to replace the old “100” and “200” clubs that raised vital funds for ECC. Here is an introduction (along with the rules) from our Treasurer Andy Walsh–

100 club

Dear Member/Parent/Friend

Over many years the club benefitted from funds generated by an all year round 200 club and a cricket season 100 club. These lotteries were organised and administrated by two stalwarts of the club, Geoff Dixon and Myra Keniford. The funds raised have assisted in keeping Enfield Cricket Club solvent and helped the club promote cricket in the local community for many, many years.

2017 has seen both Geoff and Myra begin a well-earned retirement leaving the club with a sense of personal loss, but also a big gap to fill in terms of administration of the club. One of the most important duties of the remaining committee members is to plug the financial hole left by the cessation of the above lotteries. To this end it has been decided to replace these two fundraisers with a new enhanced club lottery. It will be known as the Enfield Platinum 100 Club and for just over £2 per week there would be a chance to win a top prize of £2000 twice a year and in the ten remaining months a prize of £200 each month. Subscriptions will be £10 per month payable by standing order on the 1st of each month, or a discounted rate for the year payable by 1st June of £100.

If you were a member of the previous 100/200 clubs please give this new fundraising venture your support. It is hoped that members, parents and friends of Enfield Cricket Club will join the new 100 club as a means of assisting, through their financial contribution, the provision and development of the facilities of the club for everyone’s future enjoyment.

Enfield Platinum 100 Club Rules

1. The 100 Club will be operated under The Gambling Act 2005, which deals with Small Society Lotteries. The promoter will be the Chairman, Enfield Cricket Club.
2. The Club reserves the right to alter the rules of the 100 Club from time to time, as may be necessary. A copy of the current rules will be available on our website,
3. All profits made by the 100 Club will be used to support the club and its objectives.
4. The lottery will be limited to 100 members of Enfield Cricket Club over the age of 16 years (with the proviso referred to in rule 12).
5. The subscription will be £10 per month, payable by standing order on the 1st day of each month (or annually in a single payment of £100, to be made before the 5th working day of May each year). On receipt of a single annual payment or a standing order form the applicant will be allocated a draw number.
6. A draw will take place every month for a cash prize. Winners of prizes will be notified by email and the results of the draw will be open for inspection and published on our website.
7. 50% of the total annual subscriptions will be paid out in the form of cash prizes; for this purpose the 100 Club year will run from 1st June to 31st May.
8. The draws will be conducted by two people plus one independent observer, one of whom will be the Chairman of the club (or in his absence the Vice Chairman).
9. No 100 club participant will be included in the draw if the appropriate subscription has not been received by the 5th working day of the month in which the draw is taking place. The promoter reserves the right to reallocate any draw number where payment has not been received on time.
10. Prizes will be paid only to the person holding the winning number.
11. In the event of there being less than 100 participants, prizes may be adjusted on a pro rata basis to the actual number of members at the time of the draw.
12. In the event of there being more than 100 applications to join the 100 Club, the club will issue the required number of draw numbers to satisfy demand and prizes may be adjusted on a pro rata basis to the actual number of members at the time of the draw.
13. Participants can cancel their entry in the lottery at any time by giving one month’s written notice to the Treasurer (and if paying by standing order, they should inform their bank). Any decision by Enfield Cricket Club to wind up the 100 Club will also be by one month’s written notice. Under no circumstances can any payments be refunded.

Forms can be found at the club or by contacting Andy by email at

You can also receive an application form by emailing the club on the contact address on our website.

We will also be creating a separate section on this website were all results will be published.


badbeatbob x

DB Ravi Teja

Enfield professional DB Ravi Teja arrived in sunny Accringtonia this afternoon (Friday 28th April), delighted to of finally arrived, Ravi is looking forward to the season and meeting his new team mates, members and supporters at DHL. There will be an informal gathering and a few beers will be shared at the club members bar this evening that everybody is s welcome to attend.

badbeatbob x