Next in the social calendar is……

Our next date for the diaries is this Saturday, 21st of October when we’ll be hosting our 2017 Presentation evening.

The evening will feature our usual quiz with live music and a supper. It’s free entry and we begin at 7:30pm, everyones welcome.

A week later it’s our Halloween party night, with only a small number of tickets left it’s sure to be a great night and you can get your tickets from the club or Jack Cook.

Then of course we’ve our annual bonfire night on November 3rd with a firework display, this event is pay on the day.

Finally we’ve our Presidents dinner on Friday November 17th. MC’d by  the popular Andy Ashworth the evening features guest speaker Dr Kevin John nes and comedian Sean Styles and of course the usual top notch grub. Tickets are available from the club or our President, John Hargreaves.


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The Big Lottery Fund

We are pleased to announce that Enfield CC have successfully applied for and been awarded a grant from the The grant has been awarded to be spent on continuing improvements to our Junior section.

As many of our members and players will be aware our Junior Section has been the subject of much time and effort over the last few seasons. Recognising that our future depends on our juniors @enfielddragons are very much the focus of attention at the moment. Pete Garratty and now junior coordinator Anthony Steele have done great work in recent seasons and we are hoping the awarding of this grant will enable us to continue this good work. Our priorities will be to improve the cricket experience for younger players. This will mean improving our coaching structure, replenishing our equipment stock amongst other things.

We also intend to extend introductory cricket in to schools affiliated to ECC by way of term time coaching sessions. A new venture for us, but one we have high hopes for. We have lots of other things lined up and we’ll keep everybody informed on what we plan to do. As one member put this earlier this week, “we’ve done loads, but there’s still more to do”. We couldn’t agree more.


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The Lancashire League Experience at DHL

The Lancashire League Experience

Many of our former players, current players, members and supporters will have seen the recent “Race and pace” documentary on the Beeb. A brilliant pice of film provoking some great memories of the golden years of Lancashire League. The documentary is part of a much bigger project that promotes, re-lives and widens the appeal of the Lancashire League Experience. A project that should eventually see a travelling exhibition detailing the rich history of LL cricket and it’s impact on local communities.

As part of this Lottery funded project The Lancashire League experience will be setting up stall at its member clubs to speak to members old and young to record the impact of LL cricket on their lives and communities.

On Thursday November 16th from 7:45 DHL will be opening its doors to this Heritage experience and we would like as many of our members, players and supporters old and new to come and enjoy the evening and share some memories . We are hoping local historians will come along to share any LL cricket stories with people keen to hear them and that any schools with an educational interest in our rich history will also take part.

For our supporters and officials we are hoping their will be an opportunity to see some rare footage of our Worsley Cup win at Rawtenstall in 1978. It’s film that we never new existed and it’s showing will be a first for many.

if you would like more information on this event please email the club and we’ll let you know all there is to know!

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Busy social and fund raising calendar

Cricket might of finished for this season but our fund raising hasn’t. Over the next few months we’ve lots going on at DHL and we want as many folk as possible to come along and join us.

Friday 13th October – Sportsmans dinner, only a few tickets remain and these can be purchased from Mark Hollister, Paul Seddon or direct from the club.

Saturday 21st October – Presentation evening, including Jims quiz, Artist and a supper.

Saturday 28th October – Halloween Party, with a party for our younger horror lovers early doors followed by the adults party later in the evening. Tickets can be purchased via Jack Cook or the club direct.

Friday 3rd November- Bonfire Night with all the usual including a firework display, this will be pay on the day

Friday 17th November- Presidents Dinner wth speaker Dr Kevin Jones and comedian Sean Styles with MoC Andy Ashworth, tickets available via John Hargreaves or the club

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2017 Sportsmans dinner details

Following on from our recent fund raising events in the last few months, we are pleased to announce the return of the clubs Sportsmans dinner.
This years event will take place on the evening of Friday 13th of October. It will feature Paul Allott of England and Lancs fame who currently plies his trade as a pundit on Sky Sports’ cricket channel. He will be supported by the very highly rated comedian Paul Boardman. Tickets are priced at £35 and include the usual top notch meal.
This years event is organised by Mark Hollister and Paul Seddon and tickets can be purchased by contacting either of the Likely Lads or contacting the club directly. We hope everyone from members, supporters, sponsors and players will give this event there full support.

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Fosters’ Lancashire League Division B Champions

This Sunday sees the season come to a close for our senior sides. Our first eleven bring the curtain down on a trophy winning season by hosting our near neighbours Accrington CC.

Winning the “Hyndburn” division (or the Fosters Lancashire League Division B, to give it it’s correct name) is a great achievement for our club, we will be the first ever winners of a trophy that we will hold until at least season 2019 (the way the fixtures will be played next season means there won’t be a winner in 2018). The influx of a number of new clubs to the league next year means we will never compete in this exact format in these numbers again. In some ways it’s a one off and one we are rightly proud of winning.

Some will say that we no longer operate on a level playing field any more, making it difficult for clubs with budgets like ours to compete. They are probably right but big budgets don’t always help win trophies, or hearts and minds. Giving the big boys “bloody noses” will start to become a popular game plan in seasons to come and we won’t be the only club busting a gut to do that. But we don’t want to keep playing the underdog card we want to win and keep winning, victory is always sweet no matter the division.

It’s probably appropriate that we didn’t receive the trophy last week whilst on the road and instead it will be presented to our Captain after the last game on Sunday on our home patch at DHL and we would like as many of our members, sponsors and supporters as possible to join us in the celebrations. Well done boys and well done the Field!

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Enfield CC fun day, thanks!

On August bank holiday Monday we held a fun day at DHL, nothing unusual in that, most folk will think. Well from a cricket club point of view you’ll be right. Every amateur club the county wide does days like this, it’s how we all keep going. From this event we raised substantial funds, the sort of funds we all need to keep a club going through the off-season. It wasn’t just to benefit ECC though, the winners prize was donated to Sadie and Matilda’s Sensory fund, with East Lancs Hospice and Elyisium also on site on the day. So what made this day different than any other fund raising day?

Well we can look at this in many different ways, but the answer is always the same, it’s people. A Club that is insular, promotes cliques and is seen from the outside to be unwelcoming will not survive in the dog eat dog world of volunteer sports clubs. We are no different than anybody else so we have to give people a positive impression of our facilities whenever we can. We need the support of our local communities to survive, we also need the help and support of volunteers, it’s the support of both that made Monday different. At one stage we had 2,000 people on Dill Hall Lane, in anybodies book that can only be seen as fantastic backing from the local community, if we don’t have that we don’t have a club.

But most impressive of all was the number of volunteers who came out and gave up time and energy to help. We don’t mean people who already support the club in an official capacity (we have a management and social committee who do that brilliantly), but the ones who weren’t obliged, the ones who went out of there way to help. Every club up and down the land needs folk like you. If you’re reading this and you think your local club doesn’t need your help, well 9 times out 10 you’ll be wrong. So we aren’t going to apologise for mentioning the following folk, make no mistake we appreciated all the time you gave up and like everybody else, you’re always welcome at Dill Hall Lane-

Thanks again and take a bow

All the teams who took part, the community groups who attended, and…

Rosie Kennedy, Lisa and Pat Cook, Jayne Mitchell, Nicola Wilkinson, Tracy Whitehead, Baz, Bill Wilkinson, Helen and Beth Tomlinson, Cath O’Loughlin, Bob and Sheila Slinger, Anthony Leeming, Brian Healey, apologies if we’ve missed anybody!

Volunteer your help for your local club, you’ll feel better for it and that club will be all the better for it!


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Platinum 100 Club

Due to popular demand the monthly draw will now take place on the last Sunday in the month from 8pm, every month, with the next draw being 27th of August in the members bar.

Geoff Dixon memorial clock

IMG_4044 the Geoff Dixon memorial club clock as unveiled during the tea interval at our recent home game against Rawtenstall. A large number of Geoff’s old team mates attended including Jack Simmons, Ian Metcalf and Keith Windle, who kindly prepared a few words for the occasion. Geoff’s widow Eileen, was present along with lots of friends, players and members. We would like to thank all the people who made a contribution and made this possible.

Geoff Dixon memorial clock

A few weeks ago we announced we were inviting donations in aid of the Geoff Dixon memorial clock. We are delighted to announce that thanks to the generosity of the many people who knew Geoff, we will be unveiling the clock outside the tea room at the interval during our game against Rawtenstall on Saturday 5th August. The unveiling will be made by Eileen Dixon and one of the “legends” team that Geoff successfully Captained. Enfield CC would like to sincerely thank all those who contributed to this lasting memorial.

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