12 months of the Platinum Club

The end of May sees the first anniversary of the Enfield CC Platinum Club, culminating in our second £2,000 pound draw since its inauguration.

it can’t be underestimated just how successful this new format has been, not only warmly welcomed and endorsed by Players, Members, Sponsors and supporters, but also providing vital funding for the club during the quieter Winter months.

Now a full 12 month cycle has been completed we are openly inviting folk to join in and help expand this beyond its current 100 numbers. We are setting no limit on the amount of applicants we can welcome and prizes will of course be paid pro-rata. We currently pay out £200 as a monthly prize and £2,000 twice yearly.

Take a look at the Flyer (you’ll also see a lot of these around at the club), it tells you all you need to know. Ring us, text us, tweet us, message on Facebook or just pop in to the club, any way you choose and we’ll make sure you get the easy to-fill-in form. Welcome aboard and good luck.

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