Club Mark re-accreditation achieved

We are delighted to announce that Enfield CC have again been granted ECB ClubMark re-accreditation. ClubMark has is a governing body award given to clubs who adhere to strict criteria of governance, we are assessed every year and have a full review every 3 years. It basically means we are doing things right, we aren’t perfect but we are getting there!

If you would like to read about some of the commitments we’ve made,  a ClubMark notice board in the club, highlights the separate sections for which ECC has been given approval.

It’s no small feat and plenty of work has gone in to achieving this milestone. A massive thanks must be given to Yvonne Winnard who  (assisted by Anthony Shackleton) managed the entire re-accreditation process and spent no little time and effort getting ECB approval. Well done to all.

badbeatbob x

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