Enfield CC fun day, thanks!

On August bank holiday Monday we held a fun day at DHL, nothing unusual in that, most folk will think. Well from a cricket club point of view you’ll be right. Every amateur club the county wide does days like this, it’s how we all keep going. From this event we raised substantial funds, the sort of funds we all need to keep a club going through the off-season. It wasn’t just to benefit ECC though, the winners prize was donated to Sadie and Matilda’s Sensory fund, with East Lancs Hospice and Elyisium also on site on the day. So what made this day different than any other fund raising day?

Well we can look at this in many different ways, but the answer is always the same, it’s people. A Club that is insular, promotes cliques and is seen from the outside to be unwelcoming will not survive in the dog eat dog world of volunteer sports clubs. We are no different than anybody else so we have to give people a positive impression of our facilities whenever we can. We need the support of our local communities to survive, we also need the help and support of volunteers, it’s the support of both that made Monday different. At one stage we had 2,000 people on Dill Hall Lane, in anybodies book that can only be seen as fantastic backing from the local community, if we don’t have that we don’t have a club.

But most impressive of all was the number of volunteers who came out and gave up time and energy to help. We don’t mean people who already support the club in an official capacity (we have a management and social committee who do that brilliantly), but the ones who weren’t obliged, the ones who went out of there way to help. Every club up and down the land needs folk like you. If you’re reading this and you think your local club doesn’t need your help, well 9 times out 10 you’ll be wrong. So we aren’t going to apologise for mentioning the following folk, make no mistake we appreciated all the time you gave up and like everybody else, you’re always welcome at Dill Hall Lane-

Thanks again and take a bow

All the teams who took part, the community groups who attended, and…

Rosie Kennedy, Lisa and Pat Cook, Jayne Mitchell, Nicola Wilkinson, Tracy Whitehead, Baz, Bill Wilkinson, Helen and Beth Tomlinson, Cath O’Loughlin, Bob and Sheila Slinger, Anthony Leeming, Brian Healey, apologies if we’ve missed anybody!

Volunteer your help for your local club, you’ll feel better for it and that club will be all the better for it!


badbeatbob x


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