Fosters’ Lancashire League Division B Champions

This Sunday sees the season come to a close for our senior sides. Our first eleven bring the curtain down on a trophy winning season by hosting our near neighbours Accrington CC.

Winning the “Hyndburn” division (or the Fosters Lancashire League Division B, to give it it’s correct name) is a great achievement for our club, we will be the first ever winners of a trophy that we will hold until at least season 2019 (the way the fixtures will be played next season means there won’t be a winner in 2018). The influx of a number of new clubs to the league next year means we will never compete in this exact format in these numbers again. In some ways it’s a one off and one we are rightly proud of winning.

Some will say that we no longer operate on a level playing field any more, making it difficult for clubs with budgets like ours to compete. They are probably right but big budgets don’t always help win trophies, or hearts and minds. Giving the big boys “bloody noses” will start to become a popular game plan in seasons to come and we won’t be the only club busting a gut to do that. But we don’t want to keep playing the underdog card we want to win and keep winning, victory is always sweet no matter the division.

It’s probably appropriate that we didn’t receive the trophy last week whilst on the road and instead it will be presented to our Captain after the last game on Sunday on our home patch at DHL and we would like as many of our members, sponsors and supporters as possible to join us in the celebrations. Well done boys and well done the Field!

badbeatbob x

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